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092 0  320 Stallworth 
100 1  Stallworth, Ron|eauthor 
245 10 Black Klansman :|brace, hate, and the undercover 
       investigation of a lifetime /|cRon Stallworth 
246 34 Black Klansman :|ba memoir 
250    First Flatiron Books edition 
264  1 New York :|bFlatiron Books,|c2018 
264  4 |c©2014 
300    191 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates|billustrations|c25
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
340    |b25 cm 
500    "Originally published in 2014 under the same title by 
       Police and Fire Publishing"--Title page verso 
500    "Originally published in 2014 under the same title by 
       Police and Fire Publishing"--Title page verso 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  A call from the Klan -- Jackie Robinson and Black Panthers
       -- I'm the voice, you're the face -- My new friend David -
       - Firemen and brimstone -- Part of our posse -- KKKolorado
       -- Induction -- Duke of Colorado -- Rocky Mountain 
       fortress -- Up in smoke -- Afterword 
520    Relates how African American detective Ron Stallworth went
       undercover to investigate the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado 
       Springs in 1978, describing how he disrupted Klan 
       activities and exposed white supremacists in the military 
       during the months-long investigation 
520    "The extraordinary true story of a black police officer 
       who goe undercover to investigate the KKK, the basis for 
       the forthcoming major motion picture directed by Spike Lee
       and produced by Jordan Peele. When detective Ron 
       Stallworth, the first black detective in the history of 
       the Colorado Springs Police Department, comes across a 
       classified ad in the local paper asking for all those 
       interested in joining the Ku Klux Klan to contact a P.O. 
       box, he responds with interest. He figures he'll receive a
       few brochures in the mail, maybe even a magazine, and 
       learn more about a growing threat to his community. A few 
       weeks later the office phone rings, and the caller asks 
       Ron a question he thought he'd never have to answer, 
       'Would you like to join our cause?' This is 1978, and the 
       KKK is on the rise in the United States. Its Grand Wizard,
       David Duke, has made a name for himself, appearing on talk
       shows and in major magazine interviews preaching a 
       "kinder" Klan that wants nothing more than to preserve its
       heritage. Ron answers the caller's question that night 
       with a yes, launching what is surely one of the most 
       audacious and incredible undercover investigations in 
       history. Ron recruits his partner Chuck to play the 
       'white' Ron Stallworth, while Stallworth himself conducts 
       all subsequent phone conversations. During the months-long
       investigation, Stallworth sabotages cross burnings, 
       exposes white supremacists in the military, and even 
       manages to deceive David Duke himself. Black Klansman is 
       an amazing true story that reads like a crime thriller. 
       It's a searing portrait of a divided America and the 
       extraordinary heroes who dare to fight back."--Jacket 
600 10 Stallworth, Ron 
610 27 Ku Klux Klan|d1915-|2fast 
650  0 White supremacy movements|zUnited States 
650  0 Hate crimes|zUnited States 
650  0 Undercover operations|zUnited States 
650  7 African American police.|2fast 
650  7 Hate crimes.|2fast 
650  7 Race relations.|2fast 
650  7 Undercover operations.|2fast 
650  7 White supremacy movements.|2fast 
650  7 Hatbrott|2sao 
650  7 Sociala klasser|2sao 
650  7 Rasrelationer|2sao 
651  0 United States|xRace relations 
651  4 Förenta staterna 
651  7 United States 
653    USA 
655  7 Autobiographies.|2lcgft 
655  7 Självbiografier|2saogf 
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