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245 10 The Narrow Margin|h[Elektronisk resurs] /|cDerek Dempster 
264  1 |bPen and Sword,|c2022 
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520    The Battle of Britain saved the country from invasion. If 
       the RAF had been defeated all the efforts of the British 
       Army and the Royal Navy would hardly have averted defeat 
       in the face of complete German air superiority. With all 
       Europe subjugated, Germany and Japan would later have met 
       on the borders of India.This remarkable book traces the 
       varied fortunes of the Royal Air Force in the 1930s, and 
       shows how it readied itself for the mighty German 
       onslaught in the summer of 1940 and won a great victory by
       the narrowest margins. It provides a comphrensive account 
       of the Battle of Britain, including the day-by-day 
       summaries of the battle. It is illustrated with 
       photographs and maps, an appendix of the aircraft used by 
       the Royal Air Force and by the Luftwaffe with schematic 
       drawings, also a list of all pilots who flew in the Battle
       of Britain from July 10 to October 31 1940.The authors are
       military aviation experts and The Narrow Margin has been 
       published in translation in France and around the world. 
       They also wrote A Summer for Heroes and Jane's World 
       Aircraft Recognition Handbook. [Elib] 
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700 1  Wood, Derek|4aut 
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