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245 10 Daylight robbery :|bhow tax shaped our past and will 
       change our future /|cDominic Frisby 
264  1 [London] :|bBusiness,|c2020 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
520    For most people, tax is something we pay, simply because 
       we must. We seldom think much more about it, in fact, tax 
       is something we'd rather forget.But the reality is that 
       tax is the key to power. No government can survive without
       tax revenue it is the fuel that every state, large and 
       small, runs on. Many of the problems we face today, not 
       least the enormous wealth gaps between rich and poor and 
       between generations, can be traced back to our systems of 
       tax. If you tax windows, many will sacrifice their 
       daylight. If you tax cigarettes, some people will choose 
       not to smoke, others will take up smuggling. Tax companies
       too much and many will relocate off-shore.In Daylight 
       Robbery, Dominic Frisby will offer an alternate vision of 
       a system that is as old as civilization itself 
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