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520    This book captures the experience of the South African Air
       Force helicopter pilot as never before; from 'rookie' to 
       seasoned combat aviator in one of history's most intense 
       counterinsurgency conflicts - the South African Border 
       War. Nick Lithgow's work relates the grueling endurance of
       SADF National Service and its grind, grind, grind ... 
       until one day, helicopter drills with an SAAF Puma, saw 
       him optimistically apply for pilot training. Called to 
       Pretoria, Nick completed the mandatory tests before 
       returning to the Border to complete his duty. At the end 
       of his National Service, Nick was surprised to receive 
       instructions to report to the Air Force Gymnasium in 
       Valhalla. Here he began training began in earnest with 
       Harvard fixed wing trainers and the Impala jet, before 
       long Nick had progressed to rotary aircraft - training on 
       the Alouette and graduating to the Puma under the guidance
       of one of the SAAF's legendary instructors, 'Monster 
       Wilkins'. An operational tour in Rhodesia followed with 
       deployment to the South West African/Namibian Border. Here
       Search and Rescue, troop carrying and close air support 
       operations became the order of the day -an intense cycle 
       of briefings and operations with the ever present threat 
       of small arms fire and surface to air missiles.  LZ Hot! 
       is an unrivaled work - it relates the drama of recovering 
       downed fighter pilots under fire, responding to the horror
       of mine-strikes with soldiers dreadfully injured and 
       needing urgent evacuation, or deep penetration operations 
       into Angola in support of South African Special Forces. It
       also relates the candor of mess life, the characters and 
       incidents that amuse, delivering much needed relief from 
       the demands of operational flying - Nick's accounts of 
       mess dinner hijinks are especially entertaining and will 
       be recognizable to all who have served! Flying mountain 
       rescue missions and responding to terrifying shipwrecks, a
       crazed Military Policeman during a casevac, Lithgow takes 
       all in his stride. LZ Hot! is a stunning, captivating 
       read.After an early childhood in Pretoria, Nick reported 
       for National Service duty with the SADF. This saw him 
       deploying to the Border as an infantry soldier with a 
       brief interlude to Pretoria for pilot assessment. Much to 
       his surprise, Nick was called forward for pilot training 
       and this saw him learning his craft on the Harvard and 
       Impala. He soon graduated to rotary with the Alouette and 
       shortly thereafter, in 1977, Nick became a Puma pilot. At 
       the height of the South African Border War, Nick flew Puma
       helicopters across the 'Operational Area' conducting troop
       moves, casevacs, fighting patrols with special forces and 
       more. In the Drakensburg mountain range Nick conducted 
       daring cliff rescues, whilst at sea, he was instrumental 
       in a number of difficult rescues. Nick now lives in Durban,
       South Africa, with business interests in Johannesburg. He 
       continues to love anything to do with aviation. [Elib] 
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