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245 10 Above the Battle|h[Elektronisk resurs] /|cRonald Lyell 
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520    In April 1943, a young officer arrived at Penshurst to 
       join ‘C’ Flight, 653 Squadron. He was no 
       ordinary pilot and this was no ordinary RAF outfit. Lyell 
       Munro was a soldier and 653 was an Air Observation Post 
       Squadron whose pilots were Royal Artillery and whose 
       ground crew were RAF. AOP pilots were expert gunners, 
       skilled flyers and incurable rule breakers. Flying from 
       airstrips just behind the front lines, without armament 
       and often with no parachute, they controlled the fire of 
       hundreds of guns and their enemies learnt to dread the 
       sight of the little green Austers in the skies above the 
       battlefield.  An incautious movement, a puff of smoke or a
       chance flash of reflected sunlight could bring tons of 
       high explosives raining down.They flew alone without 
       ground control, scanning the skies constantly while they 
       directed the guns. Closing at over 250mph, an attacking ME
       109 left no time for indecision. Reactions had to be 
       instinctive and evasive action instant.  Failure was 
       fatal. After the War ended, the survivors went back into 
       civilian life and few histories mention them or what they 
       did. Lyell’s is one of only two personal accounts 
       that are known to exist and it is likely that there will 
       be no more. Written for his family and his comrades in &
       lsquo;C’ Flight it is a story told without heroics, 
       but with a deep affection for the men with whom he flew 
       and worked. [Elib] 
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