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Murphy, Karen      
      This is Spinal Tap : a rockumentary by Martin DiBergi 781.66 engelska   MOVIE DVD 2001
  Murphy, Kate    
      Men, lyssnar du? : vad vi vinner på att verkligen höra varandra 153   BOOK 2022
      Men, lyssnar du? : vad vi vinner på att verkligen höra varandra   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2022
      You're not listening : what you're missing and why it matters 153 engelska   BOOK 2020
Murphy, Keith M      
      Swedish design : an ethnography 306 engelska   BOOK 2015
  Murphy, Kelly, 1977-    
      Hush, little dragon Bilderbok engelska   PICTURE BOOK 2008
      Over at the castle Bilderbok engelska   PICTURE BOOK 2010
Murphy King, Zachary      
      The imperial mode of living : everyday life and the ecological crisis of capitalism 338.9 engelska   BOOK 2021
Murphy, Libby,      
      L'amour Roman engelska   BOOK 2013
Murphy, Linda      
      American wine : the ultimate companion to the wines and wine producers of the USA 641.2 engelska   BOOK 2012
Murphy, Maia      
      Great women painters 759 engelska   BOOK 2022
Murphy, Mannie      
      I never promised you a rose garden Serie engelska   BOOK 2021
Murphy, Margaret      
      Gömd i mörkret   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2003
Murphy, Mark      
      Love is what stays Yxc   MUSIC CD 2007
  Murphy, Mary    
      Jag tycker om- Bilderbok   PICTURE BOOK 1999
      Är du min mamma? Mary Murphy ; svensk översättning: Katarina Ekstedt Pekbok   PICTURE BOOK 2018
Murphy, Michael, 1930-      
      Gud och vår andliga utveckling   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2003
  Murphy, Monica    
      A million kisses in your lifetime Roman engelska   BOOK 2022
      Things I wanted to say Roman engelska   BOOK 2023
Murphy, Monica, 1970-      
      Things I wanted to say Roman engelska   BOOK 2023
Murphy, Pat, 1947-      
      BBC Sports Report : a celebration of the world's oldest sports radio programme 791.4 engelska   BOOK 2023
  Murphy, Paul    
      Budapest : [reseguide 914.3912   BOOK 2016
      Cypern : reseguide 915.693   BOOK 2017
Murphy, R. Taggart      
      Japan and the shackles of the past 952 engelska   BOOK 2014
  Murphy, Raymond    
      English grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate learners of Engli 428 engelska   BOOK 2019
      Essential grammar in use a self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English 425 engelska   BOOK 2007
      Essential grammar in use - with answers 425 engelska   BOOK 2015
Murphy, Raymond, 1946-      
      English grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students : with a 420 engelska   BOOK 2004
Murphy, Richard      
      Theorising the avant-garde : modernism, expressionism, and the problem of postmodernity 140 engelska   BOOK 1999
Murphy, Rita      
      Nattsvävarna   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2004
  Murphy, Robert    
      The British cinema book Imb   BOOK 1997
      British cinema of the 90s Imb   BOOK 2000
      The private world of Yves St. Laurent & Pierre Bergé 747 engelska   BOOK 2009
Murphy, Robert, 1947-      
      Sixties British cinema Imb   BOOK 1992
Murphy, Robert M.      
      No Better Place to Die   EBOOK 2022
Murphy, Ruth      
      The canvas and other stories Noveller jiddisch   BOOK 2021
Murphy, Ryan      
      The normal heart Film   MOVIE DVD 2014
  Murphy, Sam    
      Spring för livet löpningsguide för den medvetna kvinnan   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2011
      Triathlon : start to finish 796.42 engelska   BOOK 2009
Murphy, Sean      
      VH1 divas live Celine, Gloria, Aretha, Shania, Mariah Yxn/VC Rock   MOVIE DVD 1998
  Murphy, Sean Gordon, 1980-    
      American vampire 3 Serie engelska   BOOK c2012
      Batman Curse of the White Knight Serie engelska   BOOK 2020
      Batman: White Knight presents : Harley Quinn Serie engelska   BOOK 2021
      Harley Quinn Black + white + red Serie engelska   BOOK 2021
3 additional entries    
Murphy, Shane M.      
      Sport psychology interventions   BOOK 1995
Murphy, Shannon      
      Babyteeth [Videoupptagning] Film   MOVIE DVD 2021
  Murphy, Stef    
      Djurens hemliga liv : följ med och se hur de skrattar, leker och busar! 590 j   BOOK 2020
      Djurens hemliga liv följ med och se hur de skrattar, leker och busar!   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2021
  Murr, Naeem    
      Pojken Roman   BOOK 1999
      Pojken   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2011
Murra, Rāwiyah      
      Alīks, waḥīd fī al-ʿālam   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2019
  Murrah, Rawiyah    
      al-Hajr al-abyad Mellan arabiska   BOOK 2018
      Malāʾikah min ḥajar   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2019
Murrah, Rawīyah, 1966-      
      Alīks, waḥīd fī al-ʻālam Mellan arabiska   BOOK 2017
Murray, Albert      
      Count Basie - swingin' the blues 781.65 DVD engelska   MOVIE DVD 2010
Murray, Alex, 1980-      
      The work of Giorgio Agamben : law, literature, life 190 Agamben, Giorgio engelska   BOOK c2008
Murray, Alison      
      Hickory dickory dog Bilderbok engelska   PICTURE BOOK 2013
  Murray, Alys    
      Home at Summer's End   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK  
      Small Town Secrets   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK  
      Sweet Pea Summer   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK  
      The Perfect Hideaway   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK  
Murray, Andrew      
      Galápagos : öarna som förändrade världen Galápagos 576 (DVD) engelska   MOVIE DVD 2012
  Murray, Ann    
      Faust et Hélène Yqb   MUSIC CD 1999
      Fiesta! Ymg   MUSIC CD 2003
      Mitridate, rè di Ponto 782.1 DVD   MOVIE DVD 2008
      Roméo & Juliette : opéra en 5 actes Yra   MUSIC CD 1984
Murray, Anne      
      The beggar's opera Yra   MUSIC CD 1993
Murray, Annie,      
      Mother and child Roman engelska   BOOK 2019
  Murray, Audrey Alison    
      Ta ner månen Roman   BOOK  
      Ta ner månen   TALKING BOOK DAISY 2007
  Murray Brodin, Kristina    
      Kim & Hilma : Bästa jobbet   EBOOK  
      Kim & Hilma : Bästa jobbet   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK  
      Kim & Hilma : Bästa jobbet   EBOOK 2022
      Kim & Hilma : Dåligt humör   ONLINE AUDIO BOOK 2021
19 additional entries    
  Murray Brodin, Kristina, 1953-    
      Allt är precis som vanligt Bilderbok   PICTURE BOOK 2016
      Arga Mira Bilderbok   PICTURE BOOK 2014
      Bort alla spöken! = Gum shavīd arvāḥ! Bilderbok persiska   PICTURE BOOK 2013
      Bort alla spöken! = ¡Qué se vayan los fantasmas! Bilderbok spanska   PICTURE BOOK 2013
38 additional entries    
Murray, Charles A      
      The bell curve : intelligence and class structure in American life Oab   BOOK 1994
  Murray, Charles Shaar    
      Boogie man : the adventures of John Lee Hooker in the American twentieth century Ijz Hooker, John Lee   BOOK 1999
      Crosstown traffic : Jimi Hendrix and post-war pop Ijz Hendrix, Jimi   BOOK 1989
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