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245 10 Employment and salary of Nordic coastal fishermen
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264  1 |bNordiska ministerrådet,|c2020 
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520    Fishers are often perceived to be poor, and low income 
       levels are used to justify subsidies and other types of 
       direct and indirect income support to maintain coastal 
       communities. In this study we investigate fishers’ income 
       levels in four Nordic countries; Denmark, Iceland, Norway 
       and Sweden for different types of fishers and vessels and 
       in comparison to alternative occupations. The most 
       important result is that fishers in these countries are 
       doing relatively well, and only in Sweden is the fishers’ 
       average income level below the average national income. 
       Within the fleets, there are substantial differences. 
       Owners of coastal vessels tend to have the lowest income, 
       and also lower than crews. Owners as well as crews on 
       larger vessels tend to do much better and in the largest 
       fishing nations, Iceland and Norway, very well. [Elib] 
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