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245 10 Celtic Art in Europe|h[Elektronisk resurs] 
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520    The ancient Celtic world evokes debate, discussion, 
       romanticism and mythicism. On the one hand it represents a
       specialist area of archaeological interest, on the other, 
       it has a wide general appeal. The Celtic world is 
       accessible through archaeology, history, linguistics and 
       art history. Of these disciplines, art history offers the 
       most direct message to a wider audience. This volume of 37
       papers brings together a truly international group of pre-
       eminent specialists in the field of Celtic art and Celtic 
       studies. It is a benchmark volume the like of which has 
       not been seen since the publication of Paul Jacobsthal&
       rsquo;s Early Celtic Art in 1944.  The papers chart the 
       history of attempts to understand Celtic art and argue for
       novel approaches in discussions spanning the whole of 
       Continental Europe and the British Isles. This new body of
       international scholarship will give the reader a sense of 
       the richness of the material and current debates. 
       Artefacts of rich form and decoration, which we might call
       art, provide a most sensitive set of indicators of key 
       areas of past societies, their power, politics and 
       transformations. With its broad geographical scope, this 
       volume offers a timely opportunity to re-assess contacts, 
       context, transmission and meaning in Celtic art for 
       understanding the development of European cultures, 
       identities and economies in pre- and proto-history. 
       Nominated for Current Archaeology Book of the Year 2016. 
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