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245 10 Counter-Strike From the Sky|h[Elektronisk resurs] /
       |cJ.R.T. Wood 
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520    The militarily acclaimed Fireforce conceptFireforce as a 
       military concept dates from 1974 when the Rhodesian Air 
       Force (RhAF) acquired the French MG151 20mm cannon from 
       the Portuguese. Coupled with this, the traditional counter
       -insurgency tactics (against Mugabe’s ZANLA and 
       Nkomo’s ZIPRA) of follow-ups, tracking and ambushing
       simply weren’t producing satisfactory results. 
       Visionary RhAF and Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) officers
       thus expanded on the idea of a ‘vertical envelopment
       ’ of the enemy (first practised by SAS paratroopers 
       in Mozambique in 1973), with the 20mm cannon being the 
       principle weapon of attack, mounted in an Alouette III K-
       Car (‘Killer car’), flown by the air force 
       commander, with the army commander on board directing his 
       ground troops deployed from G-Cars (Alouette III troop-
       carrying gunships and latterly Bell ‘Hueys’ in
       1979) and parachuted from C-47 Dakotas. In support would 
       be a propeller-driven ground-attack aircraft armed with 
       front guns, pods of napalm, white phosphorus rockets and a
       variety of Rhodesian-designed bombs; on call would be 
       Canberra bombers, Hawker Hunter and Vampire jets.  Richard
       Wood, BA (Hons) (Rhodes), PhD (Edinburgh), FRHistS was 
       born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). He was educated at St George&
       rsquo;s College, Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South 
       Africa, and Edinburgh University, Scotland. He was a 
       Commonwealth scholar and a Fellow of the Royal Historical 
       Society. He was the Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Research 
       Fellow at the University of Rhodesia and a Professor of 
       History at the University of Durban-Westville. He is 
       undoubtedly the foremost historian and researcher on the 
       history of Rhodesia in the decades following World War II 
       and, with exclusive access to the hitherto closed papers 
       of Ian Smith, has written three definitive publications: 
       The Welensky Papers; So Far and No Further! and A Matter 
       of Weeks Rather than Months. He is a renowned military 
       historian, having served as a territorial soldier in the 
       Rhodesia Regiment, and the Mapping & Research Unit of the 
       Rhodesian Intelligence Corps. He has published The War 
       Diaries of André Dennison (1989), numerous articles,
       conference papers and chapters in books. He has a lifelong
       interest in matters military, rugby and fly-fishing. He 
       lives in Durban, South Africa with his wife Carole. [Elib]
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