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245 10 Cleanse Their Souls|h[Elektronisk resurs] /|cMonty Woolley
264  1 |bPen and Sword,|c2022 
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520    This is a young cavalry lieutenant's moving and shocking 
       account of front line service in the cauldron of war. His 
       troop of Scimitar light-armoured vehicles was attached to 
       the 1 CHESHIRE Battle Group (under the charismatic command
       of Colonel Bob Stewart). Fresh from Germany he and his men
       found themselves in a highly political and lethally 
       dangerous civil war. They witnessed appalling atrocities 
       and human tragedy on a giant scale. Both the soldiers and 
       civilians showed massive courage and resilience.Thanks to 
       the Author's diary we have here an extraordinary 
       spontaneous and important account of British troops 
       performing vital military and humanitarian tasks. War 
       correspondent and MP, Martin Bell describes it as 'earning
       its place among the impartial narratives of the Bosnian 
       War. [Elib] 
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