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092 0  741.5 Ware  
100 1  Ware, Chris,|d1967- 
245 10 Monograph /|cChris Ware ; [preface by Ira Glass ; 
       introduction by Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman] 
264  1 New York, NY : Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.,
300    275 pages :|bchiefly color illustrations ;|c46 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
336    still image|bsti|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
380    Comic or graphic novel 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 20 |tPreface /|rIra Glass --|tIntroduction /|rFrançoise Mouly
       , Art Spiegelman 
520    "A flabbergasting experiment in publishing hubris, [this 
       book] charts the art and literary world's increasing 
       tolerance for the language of the empathetic doodle 
       directly through the work of one of its most esthetically 
       constipated practitioners. For thirty years, writer and 
       artist (i.e. cartoonist) Chris Ware (b. 1967) has been 
       testing the patience of readers and fine art fans with his
       complicated and difficult-to-comprehend picture stories in
       the pages of The New Yorker, The New York Times and other 
       charitable periodicals-- to say nothing of challenging the
       walls of the MCA Chicago and the Whitney Museum of 
       American Art with his unevocative delineations and 
       diagrams.  Arranged chronologically with all thoughtful 
       critical and contemporary discussion common to the art 
       book genre jettisoned in favor of Mr. Ware's unchecked 
       anecdotes and unscrupulous personal asides, the author-as-
       subject has nonetheless tried as clearly and convivially 
       as possible to provide a contrite, companionable guide to 
       an otherwise unnavigable jumble of product spanning his 
       days as a pale magnet for athletic upperclassmen's' ire up
       to his contemporary life as a stay-at-home dad and 
       agoraphobic graphic novelist.  Shrewdly selected personal 
       photos distract from justifiably little-seen early 
       experiments littered among never-before-seen paintings and
       sculptures, all padded out with high-quality scans of 
       original artwork publicizing jottings, mistakes, blunders 
       and, especially, Mr. Ware's University juvenilia via which
       the reader can track a general cultural increase in 
       tolerance for quality's decline since his work first came 
       on "the scene."  Expensive, heavy, and fashioned from the 
       finest uncoated paper and soy-based ink, this thigh-
       crushing book is certain to cut off the circulation of all
       but the most active of comics boosters"--Amazon.com 
520    The first and much-anticipated monograph by multi-award-
       winning cartoonist and graphic novelist Chris Ware, 
       chronicling his influential quarter-century career. While 
       illustrator Chris Ware's singular body of work is often 
       categorized as comics, his trailblazing work defies genre.
       Whether he is writing graphic novels, making paintings, or
       building sculptures, Ware explores universal themes of 
       social isolation, emotional torment, and depression with 
       his trademark self-effacing voice. The end result is wry, 
       highly empathetic, and identifiable to all walks of life. 
       Ware, like Charles Schulz, Art Spiegelman, and R. Crumb, 
       has elevated cartooning to an iconic art form. This volume
       is a personal, massive, never-before-seen look at how the 
       artist's life and work combine, beginning with his 
       newspaper family and the influence of their work; his art-
       school days in Austin and Chicago; to his career from the 
       early 1990s to the present day. It also delves into how, 
       as a storyteller and builder, his near-compulsion to build
       in three dimensions feeds into the thinking of his 
       innovative narrative art. The book contains a 
       comprehensive collection of his work, including many 
       previously unpublished examples, and is an intimate window
       into a comics master sure to appeal to fans of art and 
       storytelling. -- Goodreads 
600 17 Ware, Chris,|d1967-|2fast 
650  7 Cartoonists.|2fast 
651  7 United States 
655  7 Autobiographies.|2fast 
655  7 Biography.|2fast 
655  7 Comic books, strips, etc.|2fast 
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700 1  Glass, Ira,|ewriter of preface 
700 1  Mouly, Françoise,|ewriter of introduction 
700 1  Spiegelman, Art,|ewriter of introduction 
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