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245 10 North Korean posters :|bthe David Heather collection /
       |cDavid Heather and Koen de Ceuster 
264    Munich ;|aLondon :|bPrestel,|c2008 
300    285 s. :|bill. ;|c25 cm 
520 1  "This rare glimpse into North Korean society is the first 
       book of its kind: a collection of state-sponsored 
       propaganda posters that presents the unique graphic 
       sensibilities of this little-known country." "Seldom seen 
       by the outside world, North Korea's propaganda art colors 
       the cities and countryside with vibrant images of brave 
       soldiers, happy peasants, and a heroic and compassionate 
       leader. More than 250 of these posters are collected here 
       for the first time, showing the wide range of North Korean
       propaganda art. Hand-painted works from the last fifty 
       years, these posters display the latest political slogans 
       that are repeated in newspaper editorials and government 
       declarations throughout the country." "A collection that 
       will appeal to artists and graphic designers as well as 
       those interested in this closed society, this book may not
       represent the reality of North Korea, but it offers a 
       vision of the country as promoted by its regime and 
       depicted by its state-sponsored artists." 
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700 1  Heather, David ,|d1962- 
700 1  Ceuster, Koen de 
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