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084    Iit-qdz Mexico City: the Museode Arte Carrillo Gil 
245 00 Investiduras Institucionales =|binstitucional empowerment 
       : Tercerunquinto /|c[curated : Taiyana Pimentel] 
264    México, D.F. :|bInstituto Nacional de Bellas Artes :
300    7 v. :|bill. (vissa i färg),  ;|c29 cm  
500    7 volymer i en pappersbox 
500    Catalog of exhibition held November 12 to January 25 de 
       enero 2009 at the Museode Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City 
520 8  The exhibition of collective Tercerunquinto from Monterrey
       (Nuevo León),integrated by artists Julio Castro, Gabriel 
       Cázares and Rolando Flores comprises aselection of their 
       work created during the last 6 years (2002-2008) and of an
       installation createdfor the MACG, inspired in the 
       institutional conditions and the museum space. The 
       exhibitionpresents sketches, plans and the critical and 
       documental processes of the art pieces created 
       byTercerunquinto. Contents include 7 separate booklets 
       that document works done in the MexicanConsulate in Miami,
       Fl., 2002; a project for MUAC Roma, Ciudad de México, 
       2004;'Open Access', Toronto, Canada, 2005; 'Iluminación 
       pública', La Habana, Cuba,2006; 'Guardarropa', Mexico City
       , 2006; New Langton Arts' Archive for Sale: A 
       SacrificialAct, San Francisco, California, USA, 2007; and 
       the intervention in the MACG, 2008. Thepresent catalogue 
       comprises files of each of the documental processes of the
       artwork mentionedabove. Includes introductory texts by 
       Eduardo Abaroa and Cuauhtémoc Medina,as wellas curatorial 
       texts for each project by Nina Menocal, Ibis Hernández, 
       Mariana David,María del Carmen Carrión, Reid Shier and 
       Taiyana Pimentel, who was the curatorof the exhibition 
546    Text på spanska och engelska 
610 20 Tercerunquinto (Group) 
650  0 Art, Mexican|y21st century 
650  0 Site-specific installations (Art) 
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