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100 1  Hawking, Stephen,|d1942-2018 
240 10 Brief answers to the big questions|lAlbanska 
245 10 Përgjigje të shkurtra për pyetjet madhore /|cStephen 
       Hawking ; përkthyer nga Blendi Lami 
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520    World-renowned cosmologist and bestselling author no. 1 of
       the book A Brief History of Time, gives us his final 
       thoughts on the biggest questions about the universe, in 
       this brilliant work published after his death. How was the
       universe created? Will humanity survive on planet earth? 
       Is there an intelligent life beyond our solar system? Can 
       artificial intelligence ever pass us by? Throughout his 
       extraordinary career, Stephen Hawking expanded our 
       understanding of the universe and uncovered some of its 
       greatest mysteries. But even though his theoretical work 
       on black holes, imaginary time, and multiple universes 
       brought his mind to the farthest points of space, Hawking 
       believed that science plays a fundamental role in fixing 
       problems here on earth. And now, as we face devastating 
       change - including climate change, the threat of nuclear 
       war and the development of artificial super-intelligence -
       Stephen Hawking is turning his attention to the most 
       pressing issues for humanity. Comprehensive, 
       intellectually stimulating, passionately argued and filled
       with his characteristic humor, GREAT ANSWERS TO GREAT 
       QUESTIONS, the last book of one of the greatest minds in 
       history, is a personal perspective on the challenges we 
       face. we as a human race and where we, as planets, will go
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