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092 0  741.5 Scarfe 
100 1  Scarfe, Gerald|4aut|4art 
245 10 Drawing blood. Forty five years of Scarfe.|cGerald Scarfe 
264    London :|bLittle Brown UK|c2015 
300    352 pages 
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520 8  Gerald Scarfe began his career in the 60s working for 
       PUNCH and PRIVATE EYE before taking a job as a political 
       cartoonist for the DAILY MAIL. He then worked for TIME 
       Magazine in New York before starting his long association 
       with the SUNDAY TIMES that still exists today in the form 
       of his weekly drawings. His varied career has seen him 
       work with Pink Floyd (The Wall, Wish You Were Here), Roger
       Waters and Eric Clapton (The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking),
       Disney (Hercules), English National Ballet (The 
       Nutcracker), Los Angeles Opera (Fantastic Mr Fox) as well 
       as produce such iconic images as those for the titles of 
       Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. His work has featured
       in the New Yorker and various BBC TV films such as Scarfe 
       on Sex and Scarfe on Class. Exhibitions of his paintings 
       and drawings have appeared in the Tate Gallery, the 
       National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian National 
       Portrait Gallery. He is viewed by many as both a national 
       treasure and a genius and this is the first collection of 
       his work to appear for 20 years 
600 14 Scarfe, Gerald,|d1936- 
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