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100 1  Snyder, Scott 
245 10 American vampire.|n[Volume one] /|cScott Snyder, Stephen 
       King, writers ; Rafael Albuquerque, artist ; Dave McCaig, 
       colorist ; Steve Wands, letterer 
264    New York :|bDC Comics/Vertigo,|c2011 
300    [150 s.] :|bcol. ill. ;|c27 cm 
520    A new vampire for a new century. Cunning, ruthless, and 
       rattlesnake mean, Skinner Sweet has a reputation for 
       cussedness as long as he is ornery. As the first vampire 
       conceived on American soil, however, he's not your usual 
       creature of the night. Stronger, fiercer and powered by 
       the sun, Sweet is the first of a new breed of bloodsucker:
       the American Vampire. Forty-five years after rising from 
       his grave, Sweet finds himself in 1920s Los Angeles, where
       the young and beautiful are drawn like moths to the 
       burning lights of Hollywood. Something beyond simple human
       greed is at work here, however, as struggling young 
       actress Pearl Jones is about to discover. When her movie-
       star dreams are transformed into a bloody nightmare, Sweet
       provides her only chance for survival as well as the power
       to take revenge 
521 8  "Suggested for mature readers" 
650  0 Vampires|zUnited States|vComic books, strips, etc 
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653    Tecknade serier: skräck 
653    Tecknade serier: sf och fantasy 
655  7 Skönlitteratur|2saogf 
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700 1  King, Stephen,|d1947- 
700 1  Albuquerque, Rafael,|d1981- 
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